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Other Pet Services

  • Pet Photography

    Why we at Dr Doolittle love Ella & Friends: The photographers at Ella & Friends has your pet’s comfort and welfare at the heart of their intentions.”

    Website: www.ellaandfriends.com.au

  • Pettag +

    Why we at Dr Doolittle love Pettag+: “Embracing technology to heighten your pet care is the future, Pteetag+ is here now.”

    Products that foster better pet care and love through responsibility, fun, and fitness

    Contact Dr Doolittle on 0432163405 or email us at info@drdoolittle.com.au for more information on how to acquire a pettag+ in Australia)

    Website:  http://www.pettagplus.com

    Youtube   Pettag+


  • Personalised Collars

    Custom Pet Collars

    Why we at Dr Doolittle love Custom Pet Collars: “Their products are unique, personalized and 100% organic.”

    Personalised Collar – made from organic bamboo webbing

    Website:    http://custompetcollars.com.au


  • Dog Treats

    Diamond Dog Food & Bakery

    Why we at Dr Doolittle love the Diamond Dog Food & Bakery products: “Simply because our pets do.”

    The Diamond Dog Food & Bakery products has become so popular that it’s creators; Philip and Alice – in 2012 published a recipe book filled with many of their specialties called -“Doggylicious – dinners & treats for a happy, healthy dog”

    Website:    http://foodiedog.com.au