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Mans best friend

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Little in life is more satisfying than owing a dog. They are loyal, friendly, brave, and cheerful.People and dogs have been together for thousands of years. They’ve guarded our sheep, drivenour cattle to market, found us our supper, protected our children, led the blind, comforted the sick,fought our wars, and provided us with entertainment and companionship.

Dogs experience all the human emotions-they get depressed, angry, jealous, scared, bored, andfrustrated. They love us devotedly. They are sorry when we are sick. They never lie to us.

Your dog prefers your company to that of all beings on earth. He has long accepted that yourhabits are normal. For this alone he deserves some vey special attention and pampering-makesure that he gets it!

Did you know: just watching a dog can trigger chemical changes in your brain that lift your moodand put you in a positive frame of mind

Reasons to be cheerful: having dogs around is good for us. Studies prove that people living without dogs are exposed to more persistent fears, stronger feelings ofpanic, experience more frequent headaches, and take more medication for stress induced illnesses than dog owners

Does a dogs state of mind have an effect on its health? People who suffer the stress of bereavement have a drmaically higher incidence of infections, cancer, andheart disease in the years immediately following their loss. Our health can be powerfully influenced by our state of mind. It is very likely that the same is true for dogs!

Bloat Info

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Avoid tofu and other bean products as food sources, especially if you have a deep chestedbreed such as a Great Dane or any type of setter. These foods stimulate gas production andmay increase the risk of stomach bloat, which could be life threatening.Most dogs at risk are: thin dogs, anxious dogs, dogs who eat too fast, and older dogs. A dogschance of developing bloat increase with age-dogs over the age of 7 are twice as likely to bloatas two year olds.

  • You can take steps to prevent the problem.
  • limit water consumption for an hour before or after each meal do not allow thedog to drain the bowl of its contents.
  • Water should be – consumed in moderate quantities do not allow rolling or otherexercise after meals.

Life expectancy in various breeds

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Listed below are the average life expectancy statistics (as collected by the worlds largest pet insurer Pet Plan). As a general rule of thumb, the larger the dog the shorter its life expectancy. Its important to remember that a dogs biological age is determined by not only the breed but also its nutrition, the stresses it faces,and thecare it is given.









14 years and over
Minature poodle 14.8
Minature dachshund 14.4
Whippet 14.3

13years and over
Jack russel 13.6
Chow chow 13.5
Shih tzu 13.4
Beagle 13.3
Pekinese 13.3
Greyhound 13.2
Border collie 13
Dalmatian 13
Chihuahua 13

12years and over
Bull terrier 12.9
Irish red and white setter 12.9
Basset hound 12.8
Labrador 12.6
Cocker spaniel 12.5
Dachshund 12.2
Afghan 12
Golden retreiver 12
Standard poodle 12

11years and over
Corgi 11.3
Airdale terrier 11.2
English setter 11.2
Samoyed 11

10years and over
Cavalier king charles spaniel 10.7
Boxer 10.4
German shepherd 10.3
Staffordshire bull terrier 10

Under 10years
Doberman 9.8
Rottweiler 9.8
Rhodesian ridgeback 9.1
Bullmasiff 8.6
Great Dane 8.4
Bernese mountain dog 7
Bulldog 6.7
Irish wolfhound 6.2

Dog Walker and Barking

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Boredom and loneliness are the main causes of barking in all dogs. While some calm older dogsfll their empty hours with sleeping more, others resort to barking as a self soothing device. If youare gone for long hours, why not arrange for a dog walker to come in. That may help with thebarking problem, as well as give your dog some needed exercise.

Prevent fleas with Garlic

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Garlic in a dog’s food will help prevent fleas. Dogs don’t perspire as humans do.When we eat alot of garlic, it quickly comes out in our perspiration. In a dog however, the garlic comes out overtime in the oil of the coat. The essence of garlic will take some time to build up and have its flearepelling effect. The idea is to wash your dog with non-detergent castile soap when you bathehim to prevent the coat oil from washing off. It may take some time but it’s a great natural wayto prevent fleas.

Meal times promote love and togetherness

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Mealtime can be a celebration of family life as the kitchen transforms into a place where theevents of the day are shared. We relax and let the stresses slip away as we converse and enjoyour togetherness as a family, this includes your dog! The aroma of food and the sounds of ourlaughter open us up as we enjoy each others company.We can learn a lot about our dog and about the relationship we have with him if we take note ofour behavior when dining. Our dog will, just like us, be lured by the aromas of the food; he willalso be drawn to the joy and fellowship we share with our family. Our dogs are quick to settle intothe “pack”, reacting to the laughter and reading our happy, relaxed body language. I know all thedogs I’ve had stay with us for holiday care are absolutely mesmerized when they can watch meprepare their meal lovingly. They wait ever so patiently, glued to the attention and care I put intoselecting ingredients for their meal. Each and every time I have always felt this to be an extremelybonding experience between us, and I can see the satisfaction and gratitude they show me fortaking this time to care for them. It’s an extremely joyful and satisfying experience. We humansdon’t realize how many signals and messages we continually give to our dogs as we interact.

Our dogs want to enjoy our company and be part of the moment because they see us as packmembers. I truly believe, in dog consciousness, the way to a dog’s heart is surely through hisstomach!

What vegetables to feed your dog

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Vegetables can provide dogs with essential nutrients they aren’t likely to get from other sources.The chlorophyll found in greens, for instance, works to flush and clean the liver, an organessential to your dog’s good health that can also benefit from some of the other substancesand enzymes contained in vegetables. Vegetables and greens can also help in maintaining agood pH balance, which is thrown off by an excess of protein (meat). Then too, water solublecalcium that is present in leafy greens can be readily utilized by the body, in contrast to thecalcium in dried bones or oyster shells, which is poorly assimilated. Cooking or finely gratingvegetables makes them easier for dogs to digest also.
Asparagus, Brussels sprouts, beets (in small amounts), beans (soak beans and lentilsovernight, then pour off the water, rinse, and cook til nice and soft), Broccoli, carrots,cauliflower, celery, collards, cucumbers, kale, kelp, lentils, garlic, green beans, parsnips,parsley, peas, potatoes, pumpkin, seaweed, sprouts, squash (all kinds), string beans,tomatoes, turnips, sweet potato

Not Recommended:
Onions in any significant quality (although a little can be used for flavouring), onion soupVegetables that are lightly steamed until tender and tossed in butter or olive oil and thensprinkled with a little parmesan cheese are rarely refused! You can also cook vegetablesin liquid flavoured beef or chicken by either putting a bone from the butcher (which is laterremoved) in the water or adding a beef or chicken bouillon cube to the pot. Tthis will imparta meaty overtone to the veggies. A meaty flavouring can also be accomplished by openinga jar of chicken or beef baby food, diluting it with a bit of water, and stirring the watered downbaby food in with the steamed vegetables. Toxic chemicals and pesticides routinely sprayed on produce can be every bit hazardousto canine health as they are to human health. That’s why whenever possible, you shouldmake it a habit to buy organically grown products that aren’t raised without poisonouschemicals. Organic crops contain far more vitamins, minerals and nutrients than producegrown with conventional farming methods. The farming methods employed by organicfarmers work to rebuild the health of soil and restore the nutrients lost by overuse of the landand heavy chemical fertilizers.

Misleading information about dog food content

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Don’t be misled! The labels on cans and bags of dog food do not provide a realistic indicator ofwhat’s actually inside. In both the wording and graphic presentation, labels are designed toremove all references to the true nature of the contents. Words such as “rendered”, which wouldtruthfully define the ingredients, are replaced with appealing images and language that make thefood seem healthful and appetizing. The appearances of the foods themselves are designed tobe deceiving as well. Semi dried dog foods, formulated to resemble real foods such as chucksof beef or cheese, are some of the worst offenders. When a company spends millions of dollars to advertise a product that cost goes into the retailprice, at the expense of quality. You, in essence, are paying largely for the advertising used toentice you to buy the product rather than for the actual ingredients. Pet food companies are inthe business of creating loyal and lasting customers. “By-products” are defined by Webster’s Dictionary as “derivative(s) made from other products”.This includes such waste products as feet, beaks, tongues, eyeballs, connective tissues (thatmay or may not be disease ridden), peanut shells, and newspaper. For example, poultry by-products often consist of beaks and eyeballs, while typical beef by-products consist of hide andsinew. Understand that the more generic and the more general the term, the more likely it is that theingredient is undesirable. Animal fat is too general a term and can refer to restaurant grease! Don’t let the pictures and advertising on the bag sway your selection. Beware of thosevegetables dancing on the bags of supermarket foods along with words like natural.Also, the healthy additives in such brands are most likely present in only tiny amounts,and the processing has destroyed just about any active ingredient!