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About us

Dr Doolittle is a privately owned dog walking company located in Elwood, Victoria. We pride ourselves on our attentive and reliable service, our focus on accommodating individual needs, and most importantly our sense of care and affection towards those most loyal of creatures – our best friend.

As a business owner and dog owner, Dr Doolittle’s director Beate Stavik sees the value in professional service combined with care and knowledge. This has allowed her to develop a team, with impeccable standards, that offers friendly and punctual services to you and your pet. And whom ensures that your dog’s needs and well-being is of the utmost importance.

Dr Doolittle originated as a social media & referral only business, as Beate realised that her passion for dogs and their company could not be eluded any longer. Her strong connection with dogs has helped her grow the business to what it is today, and her philosophy of transparency within their care has kept the happy customers returning.

Dr Doolittle is a well established pet care service provider for Melbourne’s Bayside area, that has been offering exclusive group walks (max 4 dogs per session), dog minding and holiday stays, and doggy day-care since 2008.


Our Walkers

Beate Stavik

Beate, the owner of Dr Doolittle’s sees the value in professional service combined with care and knowledge. This has allowed her to develop a team, with impeccable standards, that offers friendly and punctual services to you and your pet. And whom ensures that your dog’s needs and well-being remains of the utmost importance.


Jayanthi and her husband Mike are the team behind Dr Doolittle’s East Brighton doggy-day-care. Their home, located adjacent to a large dog park is perfectly kitted for doggy fun with a large, high fenced yard and plenty of shade for those hot summer days.

This Singaporean super-team comes highly recommended, with over 5 years experience in pet sitting and overnight boarding. They simply love pets, and truly enjoy taking care of other people’s furry friends as they sorely miss their Maltese,  Jack Russell and Cockatiel who are all back in Singapore. They are passionate about taking care of dogs, and  due to their soft nature, all dogs gets very attached to them.  Jayanthi and Mike  are also trained in obedience training.


Ben is Dr Doolittle’s most beloved ‘north side’ dog minder. He lives with his partner in Fitzroy, in a perfectly suited dog minder’s home with a large fenced yard. Ben simply love dogs. His own Labrador of 12 years passed away just over a year ago, and although not ready to have another dog, just yet, he considers the opportunity to mind other peoples dogs a blessing and they are always welcome in his home. He believe dogs should treated like part of the family and not just a pet.


Charley is Dr Doolittle’s #1 dog walker, and every dog’s favourite friend! After finishing VCE, Charley trained as a fashion stylist – however her love for dogs was so compelling – she could not imagine her days without their company. Charley grew up with dogs and still have 2 Golden Retrievers at home.  She loves that dogs are always happy to see you no matter what and always manage to put a smile on your face. She considers it a privilege to be trusted with somebody else’s dog and she will certainly not let you, or your beloved dog down!


Katrina is 22 years old, and have recently finished studying theatre and dance. She has grown up with animals and love being around them. Due to time and living constraints over the last four years Katrina has not had the opportunity to care for any animals in her own home and she has sorely missed having them around. Katrina enjoys the physical aspects doggy-time, as she loves running around and chasing them during her walks.

After finishing her studies, Katrina has now found herself with more time on her hands and she can’t think of a better way to fill her spare hours than by sharing her love for dogs with our ‘for-legged’ customers.

Isabella & Summer

Isabella is 20 years old and is currently studying Medicine at Monash University. She has numerous interests from surfing, mountain biking and swimming to photography just to name a few.  She is also the very proud mother of a two year old Siberian Husky, Summer, who accompanies her almost everywhere. Dogs of all shapes, sizes and personalities have been a huge part of her life as a child and she can’t see any reason for this to change whilst at university. She hopes to have the pleasure of dog-sitting or walking your beloved pet whilst providing a very relaxing and loving environment where naps on the bed are most certainly not off limits!


Lillian has had the pleasure of being around dogs for most of her life. She currently owns a Newfoundland, a large yet gentle breed, and is accustomed to dogs of all sizes. Currently, she is studying a Bachelor of Arts and a Bachelor of Science at Monash University with the hopes of becoming a nurse in the near future. Although her studies revolve mostly around human health, Lillian finds that an important part of her life is dogs and their caring and fun-loving nature, and she ensures that all dogs in her care will be properly and professionally looked after.